What do I all day?

For all of you who are wondering what I do to stay busy all day without going insane… here’s just a small peek at some of the recent benefits of being stuck at the hospital.

Games with Susie, Mike and Kory
Finding ways to use the extra medicine cups…
Sister sleep-over
Music Therapy with Amanda… and my Sista!
Jammin’ with the PCMC House Band while Rach was here
Rehearsing for the IV Pole Ballet…
A heart hero, a missionary hero, and a super hero
An awesome visit from Brit

The rest of my time has been spent learning how to play the guitar, making paper Disney princesses with Mom on my Cricut, Sims shopping on Trey’s DS, and finding a million ways to be happy.

4 thoughts on “What do I all day?

  1. Hi there,
    my name is Neerali Parbhu and I am a product design student from Auckland, New Zealand.
    I am currently designing an IV pole, I think you call them infusion stands? Specifically for paediatric hospitals.
    As part of my studies I have to create an exegesis (a long portfolio showing my work). One aspect I’m try to show about this product is how children love to ride these poles around the hospital.
    If it is all right with you, I would really like to use an image of Sarah riding the pole in this post alongside other images of other children riding IV poles. The purpose of the image is to simply depict children riding these poles and would be referenced to this blog. If you would like to see how it would be displayed I can send you an image.
    Please let me know if I can go ahead and use the image.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Wow! I’d be honored for you to use my photo for your project. IV pole rides were sometimes the highlight of my day when I lived in the hospital. You know, anything to make a sick person smile… I would like to see how you display my picture, and would love to have you reference my blog. Good luck with your project. I think it’s awesome!

      1. Hi Sarah!
        Thank you so much for letting me use the image! Yeah the IV poles are definitely a highlight for many children and teenagers in hospital 🙂 When I submit my work for publication I will surely send you the link to view the document in which your image is (this will be within the next few weeks). Or would you like to see the image prior to publication?

        Thanks again


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