She’s alive!?

I’m back! Life has been keeping me busy and crazy. (I also kinda got locked out of the blog, but I figured out how to get back in! Hooray!!)

So, what has happened since my last update in April? I think you all know what time it is…. PHOTO DUMP and STORY TIME, because that’s all I know how to do apparently! Haha!

In June, we went down to Ogden for some family time with the Taynors and came home the next day with someone’s wrist broken…. I bet you don’t even need three guesses to know who that was! 😉

Ricky was being “the fun uncle” and attempted to play on a hoverboard. He didn’t even get both feet on it before he went down. We we at my sister-in-laws house, so luckily we were literally right down the street from an urgent care. Our cute nieces came with us (one of them was our driver 😉 ) and provided us with some wonderful distractions at the hospital. In Utah, the put him in a splint and told us to call the orthopedic surgen when we got back into town.

Before that could happen, we went back into the ER because of pain. They readjusted his splint, gave him meds that worked much better for him, and sent us home.

Since then, he has seen the orthopedic surgen, gotten 2 different casts, and gon to physical therapy. Frustrating and annoyingly slow, but he’s been healing.

In July my family came down from Alaska to visit! It’s still very weird to think about… But they love it up there!

We also got to go camping with Ricky’s family – including extended family that I hadn’t met yet since they don’t live in Idaho or Utah! It was a wonderful weekend fo lots of laughing, no sleep, and way too much dust! Since Ricky had a cast during this trip, we were spoiled and got to sleep in the camper with Mom and Dad. I gotta tell you, as much as I LOVE camping, there’s something really nice about sleeping in a bed.

I super slacked on pictures, but this was taken from my bed one of the mornings! It was absolutly beautiful!

Ricky got a second job! He’s working with Superior Water and Air as one of their vendors, so now, we work together!! It’s been fun to have a buddy to talk to when I’m standing there doing nothing at my job! Haha!

So that’s been our summer! It’s been busy but we are still alive. Are we thriving or just surviving, who knows!? But that’s okay because life is wonderful no matter what!

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