Our Newest Addition

There is little in our lives these days that we have any control over, especially when it comes to Sarah’s health. A week or so ago, Steve decided there was something we could control a little better, and we needed to take matters into our own hands…literally. He brought this home and installed it on the wall in the dining room, right by the kitchen.

It’s quite a novelty around here to just stick your hands out and have foamy sanitizer to lather up your hands with. Joshua’s hands have never been so clean! Steve had been reading Paul Cardall’s blog (he’s a Fontan/heart transplant success story from Utah, and one of our favorite musicians), and realized that even a little viral bug could keep Sarah from getting her heart when it comes. So, we’ve entered the germ-free phase of our journey. And, I think we’re really doing a lot better. I realize that we can’t possibly keep all the germs away, but we must be much more vigilant to keep them away from Sarah. It seems logical that the healthier we are, the healthier she will be. So, I added my own little addition to our front door…..

We may need to add box of masks during flu season, or do something else even more drastic to turn our youngest two boys into little germophobes. But, at least for now we’ve got cleaner hands. And, we’ve done something to prepare for Sarah’s new heart.


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