Movin’ on

Sarah had another cardiology transplant clinic appointment near the end of February, where all went well and labs, echo and exam looked great. We took a tour of the Cardiology Transplant Department at the UofU in preparation for her transition there this summer. We met one of the transplant coordinators who seemed really nice. (We already met the other one when she was being evaluated originally there for transplant, and she’s excited to have Sarah back.) We learned that if everything looks good at her annual cath & biopsy next month, things change dramatically once she gets to the U. At the adult clinic, (as long as things are going well) they only see you once a year for a full-day of cath, biopsy, poking, prodding, and testing. Beyond hospital_monumentthat, there are only quarterly blood draws, and simple phone calls to transplant if she gets sick, sees a doctor for anything, has any other health related issues or questions. I’m sure I audibly gasped when I learned that at year 5, the now annual biopsies will stop completely…. Oh, gone are the days of monthly/quarterly clinic visits, check-ups, and periodic reassurances to mom and dad that all is well in Sarah’s angel heart. Pretty incredible and so very exciting, but kind of unnerving, too. Her annual cath/biopsy had to be postponed until May for her wisdom teeth surgery, so that will be on the 11th, and will be our very last appointment at Primary Children’s. Transition to the adult world was eminent, but I think with her choice to do her last annual at Primary’s instead of the U, we’ve managed to suck every last possible moment out of our care there! So…here’s to growin’ up and movin’ on! Wish us… oh, I mean…wish Sarah… luck! 😉


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