Living alone!!

Today as I was doing my dishes from dinner prep for after class, I thought to myself, “I’m really rocking this living on my own thing!!” I love my cute little apartment!!!



Of course, I miss having roommates but I also really love being on my won. I don’t have to worry about being super quiet when I’m doing something at three int eh morning. I’m a quiet person…until I have to be quiet. (Just ask previous roommates I’ve had. Haha!) I can watch movies or listen to music without headphones. I can dance awkwardly around the kitchen with no one around to judge me.

I think moving out, going to school, and having roommates that aren’t your family is a big step to becoming an adult. I also thing everyone should take the chance to live alone. It’s helped me appreciate having others around. I have also learned a lot about myself and how I work without someone constantly there.

Cheers to living alone!!

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