Happy Heart Birthday!

DSC_0024aSarah’s two year anniversary with her angel heart was last Tuesday. I can’t believe it’s been two years already, and I really can’t believe how well-adjusted and comfortable her new heart has become in the last two years. As we contemplated our many blessings, we overflowed again with gratitude for her donor, and the sweet family that was left behind. With such a beautiful healthy heart, her donor’s life must have ended abruptly, and and we are so very grateful his/her family said “yes” even with such a difficult loss. We had a quiet little celebration with our family that was home (we missed Rachel so much) with a small, yet sparkly, balloon launch. DSC_0030aWe gathered together in the back yard huddle-style while Steve offered a solemn prayer of gratitude for Sarah’s new life, and comfort for her donor family. As we each took turns sharing what we are grateful for through this experience, we let our balloons go and watched them float to heaven in honor of her heart angel. It was a sweet moment of peace and reflection. I set up a “pay it forward” event on Facebook to help us honor Sarah’s donor’s life, and was completely overwhelmed when in just two days more than 2.5K “friends” had been invited to participate and do a random act of kindness in Sarah’s name on her heart birthday. The tears flooded my eyes to see that almost 100 people had committed to “pay it forward” and many others probably did without even letting us know. Thank you to everyone who did something kind for someone else that day. The greatest gift that could ever be given to our daughter can never be repaid, but it helps knowing that anonymous service and love is being spread around the country (or world?) in a very special angel’s honor. SeanMcGrath2

Sarah’s been home for a week or so after finishing her first semester at LDSBC. She has had so many good experiences there and has made so many good friends. She loves her life in Salt Lake, and can’t wait to go back next weekend for her summer semester. College life looks good on her, and she is so happy. Wisdom teethWhile she was home, we took advantage of the break and tortured her a bit by having her deeply-impacted wisdom teeth removed. She didn’t want to be awake for it, so we opted for surgery at the hospital. Except for the three-try IV placement, all went well. (We sure missed the pro’s at Primary’s during that. Her wrist is almost as bruised as her poor chin is now!) Although she’s a little less “wise” now, she is recovering very well, and has checked off another “normal” young adult experience on her list.

Some of the things we’ve learned…. The world is full of good people with good hearts, who find joy in doing good things. Life is full of good (but sometimes hard) experiences that cause us to stretch, but always to grow. This journey we’ve been on has been full of God’s good blessings and never-ending love. ♥


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