For Progress and Prayers

We love how much people love Sarah! She has made such a positive impact in so many people’s lives. We so appreciate the many people who include her in their daily prayers. The faith, prayers, and kind deeds of those good people has given us strength and sustained us in hard times, and helped us see miracles in her life. Sometimes, when they ask about her, we find ourselves only giving them the nutshell version of what’s happened, and leave out important details and things they really should know. We have decided that through this blog we can give a better report if we do it while the feelings and information are new, fresh and unedited. We also hope that through our experiences and perspectives, someone who reads her blog might find more faith, hope and joy in their own struggles.

This journey we are beginning — her second chance at life, with a new heart and liver — will be a long one. One filled to the brim with tears, frustrations,¬†worries, hopes, miracles and blessings. It will also be filled with the love and support of our many circles of influence, those who love us and our Sarah so much. Besides those people who love and support us, we are also very grateful for the Lord’s hand in our lives, for His guidance and inspiration, and His everlasting love and grace.


2 thoughts on “For Progress and Prayers

  1. I just noticed your website. It is wonderful! What a great idea to let people know what is going on without repeating it so many times. Sarah is in our prayers and her name is on the prayer roll
    of the Provo temple regularly when we do our temple shift. I also add you and Steve too. Our
    Heavenly Father loves us and He knows our needs. He will not leave us alone in figuring out important things in our lives. He is also there always in the not so important areas too. We love you all. Love, Uncle Mike and Aunt Janet

  2. Julia, You have done such a wonderful job on this blog. I am so happy to hear that Sarah doesn’t have to have surgery right not. I love you guys and miss you so much. I know that the Lord hears and answers all our prayers on your behalf. There isn ‘t a day that goes by that we aren’t praying for all of you. Keep the faith. Love you all Kari

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