Three weeks ago Sarah went down to Primary Children’s Hospital with a lot of swelling in her legs and back. When she gets too uncomfortable, her cardiologist, Dr. Angela Yetman admits her and gives her a quick “tuneup”.

Well, that one didn’t last too long and so on Tuesday we came down for another treatment. This includes multiple rounds of IV therapy of the human protein Albumin followed by diuretics. This time she received an IV iron infusion and magnesium. She didn’t react well to the mag. It Sarah017beat her up pretty good last night but she is feeling a bit better this morning. She had a lot vomiting so they gave her Zofran for the nausea and Ativan to help calm her down. It calmed her down so well, they couldn’t wake her up to have her take her night meds.

One overwhelming feeling which always hits me when we come here is compassion. The wellness of the patient is so much more than dealing with the physical difficulties. First thing this morning, a person from food services came it to check on her because they noticed she didn’t order dinner and hadn’t ordered breakfast yet. This wasn’t her nurse. This was someone from the cafeteria. Granted this isn’t your average cafeteria, it’s more like room service at a nice hotel.

Yesterday we met with the Rainbow Kids team which is a small group consisting of a social worker, chaplain, nurse practitioner, nurse, and doctor. They help kids and their families deal with the heavy issues that come with a life threatening illness. These are some of  God’s special angels here on earth. It take greats personal strength to deal with these precious kids that are so very sick. The main focus was for Sarah this time. I can only imagine the heavy burden she carries now that she is fully engaged with her healthcare. Because we were unsure of her future growing up, we tried to keep her out of the information loop so she wouldn’t have to worry about anything other that being a teenager.

The Rainbow kids suggested visiting with a psychologist just to see where she’s at emotionally. She met with Trevor who came out of their meeting saying wonderfully glowing things about this amazingly strong girl.

When she was not doing very good last night, the chaplain from the Rainbow kids came and prayed with her. The nurses have been so attentive and caring. They help hold her hair when she’s throwing up. She’s coming back often enough that they are getting to know her. they love taking care of her because she is so accommodating. She always thanks the IV team and phlebotomist for doing their jobs well. I think she has as much understanding of the people who serve her as they for her.

So, the nurse who is the director for the surgical unit just came in to see if there was anything she could do to help Sarah feel better and brought with her 100’s of movies for her to choose from to help her get distracted. Now we have a smiling person cleaning the room. Okay, now a volunteer came in to teach her how to make paper flowers for a wreath. We have an appointment in a bit to have a doctor that specializes in holistic healing with state of mind and aroma review some techniques to distract her mind when she’s overwhelmed.

How special these people are. While it might be their job and they get paid, they do it because they love the difference they can make. I love them.


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