Checking In at the RTU

Sarah’s heart cath that was originally scheduled for Friday has been moved to tomorrow, first case. They moved it so they can follow it with over 18 hours of infusion therapy in the RTU (Rapid Treatment Unit) and still have her regular doctors available afterwards. They’ll do an albumen infusion, a huge IVIg treatment, and another albumen, followed by diuretics. Her DSA’s (donor specific antibodies) are higher this week and need to be countered with a large dose of IVIg. It might indicate some rejection, but we won’t know for sure until the biopsy results come in later in the afternoon. Checking in at 6am, and headed to the RTU right after recovery from the cath. That’s a part of the hospital we haven’t had the pleasure to see yet. It’s gonna be a long “23 hours or less”. Hoping things go well, and praying her angel heart’s still healthy and strong. Thank you for your prayers!!


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