Another Biopsy Report

squeakycleanJust got Sarah’s biopsy results back… “squeaky clean”! Sarah’s angel heart is still healthy. I’m so happy and grateful right now, I just can’t keep the tears in….

I find myself worrying probably too much about these biopsies. I always know in my heart that everything will be ok, and that Heavenly Father’s plan is perfect, whatever it is. But there’s always a part of me that dreads hearing bad news, or frustrating setbacks or even just little bumps along the way. I’m really very done with those. This “better every day” routine suits me so much better. 🙂

Dr. Everitt explained rejection to me a little better a few weeks ago. She said that rejection can happen anytime, but the most crucial time is in first three months post-transplant. Then, if it ever happens later, those next three months are just as crucial. Rejection certainly is a scary word. But it’s not quite as scary as I used to think. She has labs and biopsies so often to catch possible rejection before it ever causes her new heart to get too sick. It can usually be treated with medication changes and/or infusion therapy, depending on the cause. Today I learned that these DSAs (donor specific antibodies) that were higher this week almost always show up in antibody-based rejection, but high DSAs don’t necessarily mean there is rejection. They don’t really know why it works that way, but I’m certainly grateful in Sarah’s case that it does. I was definitely relieved, but so very grateful for this good news today! Like Michelle (the transplant nurse practitioner) said, “Sarah certainly likes to keep us on our toes… We like these kinds of surprises”.

We’re still hanging out in her room in the RTU. Sarah will be receiving her IVIg and more albumen until about 5:30 a.m. Dr. Tani wants to examine her again before she gets released in the morning. We might have to stay for another dose of IV diuretics, but if not, we should get out of here by 8:30 or so. Guessing we’ll go straight “home” and take a celebratory morning nap.

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  1. What a fabulous record this will be to refer back to in the future. We are glad to hear great biopsy news! Keep it up!

    Alli (IHH)

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