8 Weeks Clinic Report

Hard to believe it’s been 8 weeks since Sarah received her new heart. She had another cardiac clinic Monday and I promised Steve I’d give his report. I wasn’t there, so I don’t have any cute stories, pictures, or interesting anecdotes to share, but in a nutshell, here are the highlights…

  • Her albumen is at 2.2, which is a little below the target range, but stayed steady from last Thursday’s check. When she has her heart cath on Friday, they’re planning to do a dose of albumen before, and a second after the IVIg infusion immdiately following her cath. They’ll also give diuretics to help her get rid of all that extra fluid. We’re hoping she can hold on to the protein a little longer and the higher levels will help her feel even better and keep the PLE symptoms at bay.
  • During the appointment, she had her oxygen off for about 30 to 45 minutes, and her oxygen levels stayed steady around 90! Not quite ready to ditch the oxygen yet, but they did give the ok for her to take it off for a few minutes during the day.
  • Her blood pressure has slowly started to climb higher this past week. This is not uncommon with the use of prograf (one of the anti-rejection medicines) and steroids. They added a new blood pressure medicine to keep that under control.
  • Her echo looked good, no changes there.
  • Everything else is holding steady.

So over all, good news. We met with the diabetes educator today, which was really helpful. We started out talking about what diabetes is, what’s going on in her body, and the basics of plate management. We ended up talking about not limiting any of her foods and how to best bulk up her diet with extra protein to simply balance the carbs and also meet her calorie goals. It was really not what she had in mind to teach. But, after talking to us a bit, she learned more about Sarah’s doctor’s methods and goals, and was so pleased with how Sarah’s numbers looked, she felt very comfortable with the amount of insulin balancing her food as it is right now. Sarah has only been needing one correction dose of insulin during the days, if any at all. Hoping so much that’s a sign that her body is only dependent on the insulin because of the steroids.

So here we are…8 weeks post-transplant, and look how far she’s come. I still can’t believe it. Things are still looking good.

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