Merry Christmas, Sarah Brown!

This Christmas was so fun! I got to go home and spend it in Idaho with my family…plus Richard got to come with me!! Like I have mentioned before, his parents had moved to North Carolina right after Thanksgiving. After we had started talking, after he tole me that he continued to explain that he wasn’t sure what was going to happen, family wise, for Christmas. He wasn’t sure who was staying home and who was going to in-laws… I had jokingly invited him to do Christmas with my family. I didn’t even know this kid! What was I doing?!

But things had changed, and because we were actually engaged, it wouldn’t be weird to bring him home for Christmas. My family loved him already (some of them probably more than they actually love me), so they were excited to have him! The Saturday before Christmas, we got to tag along with Shannon and Jesse to come to the Dixon family Christmas party. That party was absolute madness…such as most Dixon events are. There was so many people, so much food, and so much laughter. It was great!

The next couple days were lazy and full of family. We spent Christmas Eve with my parents in their ward. We sat with the boys while Mom and Dad performed in the program. It was so beautiful – full of the spirit and love of Heavenly Father. After church, we went over and spent some time with Richard’s siblings. We walked in and there were so many kiddos screaming “Uncle Ricky!! Aunt Sarah!!” (They started calling me Aunt Sarah even before Thanksgiving. I’m so excited to inherit all of these cute little munchkins as nieces and nephews!!) We were attacked with giggles and hugs. It was so fun to spend that time with his family too. We did have Christmas Eve plans with my family, so a few hours later, we went back over to my parents for Christmas traditions. Pizza and Charlie Brown in the sun room on the big screen with pjs and pictures after.

Rachel and Nick left for the night, so after goodbyes beds were made downstairs and I helped mom with breakfast prep for the next morning (I guess Richard helped too. Hehe.) After that was all taken care of all 5 remaining kids went downstairs. Growing up, we had this tradition of all sleeping in the same room Christmas Eve night and it’s stuck. We all slept in the tv room downstairs… Okay, there wasn’t much sleeping… It was a late night of giggles.

The next morning, we didn’t wake up until 6!!! It was very weird. We spent the morning opening presents, playing with our new toys, and eating a yummy breakfast. Unfortunately, Richard had to be back to work the next day so we started packing and filling the car up with our stuff. Dad is a wonderful person and volunteered to take us back to Midvale. I was wanting to spend the whole day with Richard, so I didn’t want to go back to my apartment quite yet. Haha.

We got back to his apartment safely a few hours later. We gave hugs, said goodbye to dad, then turned on a Christmas movie and ate left over treats that Mom had made us take home. It was a fabulous first Christmas with my sweetheart and I can’t wait for all the other ones we get to have together in the future!!



Happy Early Christmas to me

This is going to be a kind of long post because so much has happened in the last few weeks!

Quick update on how life is going:

  1. I’m going strong in school this semester. I have an historical architecture class that I’m obsessed with!! Life has gotten crazier so a few less adventures with friends but we’re still trying.
  2. RA job is going great. I will shortly be the only one… The other RA is moving so I’ll be by myself until we can hire another one. (We won’t be hiring until the new semester starts, so in about 6ish weeks at the latest.)

Okay, that’s just a small snippet of what’s going on. Now for the real meaning of this post: I’m still head-over-heels in love with best friend, Richard! It’s crazy to think that we’ve only been dating for three months and “known” each other for four! I didn’t realize that I was missing a part of me until I found him. I know, I know… Another post about this guy? What? But guess what! I’m going to marry him!! AHHHHH!

Wait, stop! I’m getting ahead of myself. That’s the middle of the story… About a month ago, Richard was getting really serious about moving down to Utah. He didn’t feel like there was anything in Pocatello anymore. Even though he had family and friends there, he wanted to leave. He had been thinking about moving to Utah even before we met, but as we fell for each other, the more he wanted to move. We prayed about it and received complete peace about the decision. Now he had to look for a place to live….and a job. He after weeks of coming up dry, his sister sent him a link to a promising idea. He applied and got called in for an interview at an APARTMENT COMPLEX in Midvale (about 20 minutes away from me!). P.S. that was the interview he had that week of Thanksgiving. The interview went really well and they basically hired him on the spot! On top of the job offer, they also offered to give him a discount on a one bedroom apartment so he could live on the property. Hooray!!

The day he moved, I went to meet him with Gillian, Ashley, and Brad. I was so excited I couldn’t sit still the whole day. I felt like I was going to throw up, pee my pants, cry hysterically, and giggle to death all at the same time…totally in a good way! We had made a plan to help him move in so he knew we were coming but he didn’t know when. I wanted to surprise him, so I had him text me when he got there so we would be able to be there by the time he was done signing papers and stuff. Before we left, we ran to the dollar store where I bought one single balloon and his favorite treat. We got there and he was still busy. I jumped out of Gillian’s car, grabbed my stuff, and sat on the back of his car. About ten minutes later, he still hadn’t showed up and it was really cold. I didn’t want to get back in the car so I casually walked over to the driver side’s door on his car and tried to pull the handle. Luckily, it was unlocked, so I climbed in! Ashley called me and I talked with her and Gillian while we waited. (Brad had decided that he needed to wander so he had left.) A few minutes after that I see Brad’s head and Ashley is giggling. I ask her if Richard is with him. (His care was still packed with stuff so I couldn’t see out of the back window.) I was totally just going to snuggle down with all the stuff until he opened his car door but I was way too excited so I popped out of his car and ran down the parking lot. He was here!!

It’s been so fun to see him pretty much everyday. We have gotten so much stronger as a couple. We’ve been reading scriptures, saying family prayers, and going to church together. It’s been such a wonderful experience to grow that way together.

About a week later, my parents had planned to come to Salt Lake and go see the lights. Of course, we were invited to come along. One night he asked me if his aunt could come to take pictures of us while we were there. Confused, I told him that almost everyone that was going to be with us had a phone that we snap pictures on. He told me no and that he wanted professional pictures. Um, excuse me what?! I totally knew something was going on… We had gone ring “looking” a few weeks before, he kept talking about getting married, and now this. I made a joke one day about us being “practically engaged” and he said, “it’s coming soon.” I freaked out! Soon means so many different things to different people. Haha! Something was definitely up.


Side note: I knew it was coming eventually. We had talked about it. The day after our first date, he told me that he was going to marry me one day. I laughed and he said, “no. I mean it” and then proceeded to tell me the experience he had had after we said goodnight the night before. We started seriously talking about it and he asked me to pray. I did, deep down knowing that the answer was going to be yes. When I prayed, this feeling of absolute peace swept over me and it still does whenever I think about my future with Richard. A few days later, I told him how I was feeling about it and what was going on. Absoulutly ecstatic, we decided to pray and fast together that next Sunday. I was going to be in town so it would be perfect timing!! We did and the answer hadn’t changed. We were going to be each other’s forever. We just didn’t know when…

Okay, so that side note was clear back October! We were starting to talk but not very urgently but with this “we need professional pictures taken when you’re family is here” attitude he had, I was getting so anxious. The Saturday came and we had a wonderful day. The whole family got to come, plus Ashley too! (I mean she’s basically family so it was fun to have her there too. Hehe.) We had spent the afternoon in Lehi with Grandma and Grandpa and then went to see lights. Richard was acting funny all day… He seemed nervous but happy. I could tell he had a plan about something.

When we got to Temple Square, we wandered around for a while before he suggested we go over to the reflection pool. Guys, we were taking pictures one second and then the next he was down on his knee!!! He told me he was so grateful for Heavenly Father’s love and how much He must love him to allow him to be able to love me as much as he does. He told me that he falls in love with me all over every day. It was just such a sweet proposal. Obviously I said yes, but it took a minute because I was crying and smiling so hard. It was so special and I can’t wait to be sealed to him for time and all eternity!!