“The House that Love Built”

ronald-mcdonald-house-charitiesThe Ronald McDonald House has become our home away from home. We feel comfortable and welcome here, and are even starting to recognize faces, have visits in the hall with other guests, and make friends and share our amazing kids’ stories (despite our current social outcast state). We are so very blessed to have the opportunity to stay here. We are occupying one of only four suites for immuno-suppressed long-term patients. This is truly an amazing place, with all the volunteers, community services, free food, and use of basically anything we might need while we stay here. Because we can’t take Sarah down to the large gathering rooms, the dining room, and the playroom/teen room, we are kind of isolated from what this whole experience could be, but we still feel so welcome and loved. We are so close to the hospital, it’s really pretty quiet up here on the 3rd floor, and just right for our transition to home. I thought I’d show you what it looks like so you can picture where our girl is, and that she’s comfortable and happy.

Here’s our cozy little living room.
…and our cute little kitchen.
The bedroom. The beds used to have nice sage green bed spreads on them, but we were asked to take them off when we use the beds so they will stay nice for future guests. Makes the room not look quite so nice, but easier just to keep them in the closet. The little blue machine on the left is Sarah’s oxygen concentrator. It turns room air into oxygen and is the only thing she’s connected to!
Our cozy little bathroom. Fine for just one, but not much space. Really nice shower, though, so we’re very ok with it.
Had to include this one, too. Sarah’s sleeping very soundly in her non-hospital bed with absolutely no beeps or interruptions. Definitely the BEST thing about being here!

So, as you can see, we have a nice little space that’s just for us. Steve and I continue to trade places and stay with her in our little “apartment”. She would love visitors, but only if you can abide by the rules. Yes, I know, more rules. Actually, they’re about the same as before, but this time some of them are imposed by The House to protect the guests.

  1. You must be healthy. (This means absolutely no illness for at least 2 days, and not been around anyone who is.)
  2. You must wear a mask and sanitize or wash constantly while you’re with Sarah.
  3. You have to check-in and -out at the main desk. Please always check with us first before visiting. We still have lots of appointments (almost daily), and it’s a lot easier for us, the staff, and you, if we know you’re coming, and when.
  4. Only two or three visitors are allowed at a time. (We could have a few more if we could be in the larger gathering areas where visitors are allowed to be, but because of Sarah’s “bubble”, she has to stay mostly in her suite.) Only 5 people are allowed in her suite at a time. If it’s a nice day and you’d like to bring your whole (healthy) family, we’d love to meet you at Reservoir Park or outside the house to spend a little time together.

If you want to visit or send mail, the address is 935 E. South Temple, Suite 307, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Here’s a link, in case you’re interested in learning more about The Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Intermountain Area. It’s a pretty amazing charity, and has helped so many people through their struggles while their sweet children are in the hospital. We feel very lucky to be just one family blessed by so much love and generosity.


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  1. Happy 2 month anniversary Sarah. I stayed at the ronald mcdonald house when my brother was sick. Fond memories. Great charity

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