Thank You

I’ve been overwhelmed these past 2 weeks (really even longer than that) with the outpouring of love we’ve felt lately. I have tried several times to put into words the feelings of gratitude in my heart for so many things. I know we’re really behind with our thank you notes, and being the girl I am, being raised by the mom I was, it’s really bothering me knowing I can’t keep up with all the people that deserve a proper “thank you”. I hope that when I pray every night for each of you and all the kindness you show Sarah and our family that the blessings returned to you for your service will suffice. Please know how grateful I am, and that the words just don’t do justice to the gratitude, humility and awe that now permanently live in my heart. I’m going to attempt to make a list of the things you’ve done for us that we are thankful for, but in doing so, know I will probably miss more than I post. Please know that you’re included in the end one… the everything else.

  • Unending prayers, faith and petitions to Heaven102
  • Care packages, balloons, bouquets, love notes, pictures and cards
  • Prepaid meal cards
  • Haircuts
  • Text messages, Facebook posts and emails expressing your concern and love
  • Gas cards
  • Lawn mowing and yard care
  • Monetary donations
  • Visits and hugs
  • Rides for our other kids
  • Dinners and treats
  • Trips to the grocery store
  • Giving our other kids love and a place to be when Steve and I are both gone
  • Taking over our church responsibilities so we can focus on our kids when we’re home
  • Making up the difference for us at work
  • …Anything else you’ve done that I haven’t have mentioned…

The one thing that we just still can’t believe is happening while we’re busy with life at home and helping Sarah recover is the fundraiser that’s being planned for our family. It’s extremely humbling and kind of surreal to be the recipient of such community love and support. We knew people cared, but this kind of love is just so overwhelming. We are so grateful that we have good insurance to pay for Sarah’s medical care, but we hadn’t really realized how much our family’s care would cost beyond our normal budget before and after she received her new heart. So thank you to those of you who saw a need and acted so we wouldn’t have to ask. We have heard how many people have volunteered their time and talents and wanted to do something to help. Please know your kindness is making an incredibly huge difference for our family.

For all of you who have seen a need and acted upon those thoughts, thank you. I have given up protesting, decided to listen to all who have told me to let you help, and realized that each kind act is simply an answer to our unspoken prayers. Your love is very humbling and your service will forever be etched in our hearts. We love you.


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