Sunday: Day 7

It’s been a good day today. We got to the hospital this morning in time to see Sarah sitting up in bed and happy. She brushed her teeth and Rachel fixed her hair and then had a little nap. Her x-rays showed that her right lung wasn’t expanding all the way, so they had her sitting up more today and the respiratory therapist came in everey 4 hours to do some breathing with her. We’ll see in the morning how well she did. They talked about maybe switching to the bi-pap (mask that forces air into the lungs to expand them) which some kids need after coming off the ventilator, but we’re trying to avoid that since she’s doing so well with her smiler free. They removed the RA line (IV going right into her right atirum) and her catheter. Every little thing that gets pulled is another step closer to moving back to the 3rd floor. She also got to enjoy some foods tonight. She’s been eating slushies and popsicles, but also had a little Jell-o and watermelon tonight. The NJ tube is giving her the nutrition she needs, so eating right now is mostly for pleasure and practice until her body gets used to handling food again. She is pretty tired tonight. I left her for the night with a great nurse, melatonin, earplugs and her sleeping mask. Hope she gets some good sleep tonight. Thank you all for your continued prayers and faith…. It’s working!


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