So. Many. Pictures.

Guys! It’s July and I’m actually doing pretty good with keeping my “new year, new me” thingy. I’m taking tons pictures of EVERYTHING! I’m amazed that I still have friends that like me. Haha.

Wow. That was a good segue. ūüėČ Ready for a ginormous photo blast?!¬†Obviously, I’ll give little snippets of what’s going on but it’s mostly going to be pictures!



I love birthdays, especially mine.¬†I encouraged all my friends to love it just as much. I had a whole week of birthday celebrations. I got sung to in class a few times. I had dinner with friends, went shopping, walked around Temple Square, and watched Dr. Strange in our jammies. On my actual birthday, I got a group of friends together and we went to the zoo! It was so fun. That night, Mom and Dad drove down and took me to dinner. Before dinner they took me down to a used bookstore. I was instantly in love. I was so excited to see them. Sunday, I found out that my friend Rohini shares a birthday. Obviously we took a picture. After church, I went over to my friend’s house for games and cake. We had an epic jam session. There was a violin, a few guitars, cups at one point, and lots of singing and laughing.



Okay, if you know me, you know I am a HUGE book worm. I feel naked if I go anywhere without a book in my hand. Not even a week after my birthday I wanted to go to the bookstore again. I had to run up to the hospital to drop something off so I thought I might go on my way home. I met up with friends for lunch that day. We were talking about our day so far… People had classes or work. I had to run those errands. My friend Brad perked up at the possibility of going to a bookstore. He volunteered to come with me to the hospital so he could come to the bookstore too. We only got to be at the store for about half an hour because the hospital adventure took longer than I thought. We litterally had to drag each other out of the store! We decided to go again the next day… How dare you question that we actually did! Well, WE DID!! It was fantastic! Four hours after being there, our friends that tagged along came up to us and asked us when we could leave. Hahaha!! We’ve got plans to go again when he’s done with EFY.



For Family Home Evening one week, my ward went to the Bee’s game! It was my first real life baseball game. After it was over, Lydia and I walked home. We got lost trying to find the trax so we just walked. It was so fun!



A few weeks ago, we talked about temples and then built temples made out of marshmallows!! It was sticky and I went home with a very full tummy from eating so many! After FHE, a group of us went to help Rachel pack so she would be ready to move. We all started getting hungry about 2ish in the morning. We walked down the street and bought food. I’ve never seen a burrito that big!!




My ward is amazing. We have so many fun activities. Another FHE was nachos and messy twister. Katie totally killed it…and got covered. Chen had lost and was covered in paint. Naturally, he chased Caleb around to try and give him a hug. Caleb ran and slipped. Daniel yelled at them, which grabbed my attention. Chen caught up with him and did this cool little roll thing right where I had been. I almost died you guys!!! Caleb and Chen almost squished me! I also ate several cookies and got to know Daniel a little better!



Seriously, my ward is the greatest! Last week, we had a 90’s dance. It’s a weird party theme I think… I mean, I actually remember¬†the 90’s! It was an excuse to dress up and hang out with friends so I’m not complaining! It was super fun.

Somewhere along the line, the dance got morphed into a pool party too. I had made myself look really cute and I didn’t want to change. I had decided that I wasn’t going to swim. I tried¬†to help Pedro get Daniel into the pool (with jeans and everything on). I was put in charge of keeping phones and wallets safe. After some hiding, I finally just said, “I’ll do it if you do it.” So, after more coaxing and lots of laughing, we got a huge group to all jump in even if they didn’t have a suit. It was fabulous….until it was time to go home. Haha! Luckily, Daniel loves me and drove me home.




At church on Sunday, I got invited to go on an adventure with some friends all the way to Provo! Hooray!! Brad is an EFY counselor this summer and has sessions the next two weeks there. Heidi was taking him and we just made a big ol’ party of it! We stopped at the temple for pictures…that obviously turned goofy real quick. Then drove around campus for a bit to avoid why we were there, I guess. Stopped at a gas station to go to the bathroom and instantly wished it wasn’t Sunday¬†so we could get slushies. Finally, we got to where Brad needed to be. We piled out of Heidi’s van, gave hugs, and said goodbye. What a fun day full of silly memories.


School is going great too. It’s keeping me super busy. Lots of projects and homework but not so much that I don’t have time for friends.

I’m in AutoCAD this semester. I had a hard time with it but that’s because I didn’t know how to use it… Now that I’m more comfortable with it, I’ve gotten faster and actually love it!! I’m in the middle of a project for my Space Planning class and I actually said, “I’ll do it in AutoCAD. It’ll be faster than hand drawing it.” I felt insanely proud!


Life has gotten back to “normal.” Of course, I don’t think that word describes me very well. ¬†I guess that’s why it’s in quotes. Things are going great. My friends make life bearable. They are my family here in Salt Lake. School is tricky and life gets stinky. If I didn’t have any one of my friends, I wouldn’t know how to handle anything. I am so grateful for ALL of them. The ones that I go to church with. The ones that are in my classes. The ones that go on adventures with me. The ones that fit in a multiple of those categories. The ones that I have back home in Idaho. Oh goodness! I am so blessed to have so many!

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