Six Months Celebration

floral_6_monthsTo celebrate Sarah’s first six months with her new heart, we had a silly family celebration. Sarah’s choice. Sarah’s favorites all night. We got party hats, horns and blowers. Sarah decorated the hats with heart stickers, and true to their promise of a perfect celebration, the blowers and horns were just as obnoxious and noisy as could be. My kids were very encouraging to help them realize their full potential. I baked chocolate surprise cake (a favorite chocolate chocolate chip cake with a surprise cheesecake center) and we played games. Sarah is our game girl. It had to be a game night. In honor of her pre-transplant hospitalization and Ronald McDonald House stay, she chose to play doodle dice, which was one of her favorites for laughing and keeping her mind off all the hard things going on in her life. We had a crazy loud party, a fun game, awesome treats, and it was perfect.

The six-month milestone caused a lot of reflection. Remembering the hard times. Remembering the miracles. Remembering her Angel Heart’s Family. We prayed that they would have peace and feel comfort and love. It’s still pretty overwhelming to think about the pain someone must have felt losing someone they loved exactly six months ago. And we were celebrating. Like crazy people. But I hope in our celebrating and remembering, that you realize how very much we were also celebrating that special life. The one that lived a good, healthy life and took care of their body, and then made the choice to give life-saving gifts after they were gone. We celebrated Sarah, her donor, her courage and strength, and the miracle of a second chance.









Yes, we are very weird, and probably a little bit crazy. But we’re together and happy, and after the last couple years, that’s the most important thing in the world.


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