Sewing for Sarah

We were sitting in the ICU last week and realized that there is really something you all (at least you who can sew) can do for her!! With her NG tube in her nose and her PICC line in her arm almost constantly hooked up to something, wearing anything but a hospital gown is really hard for her. We need some t-shirts converted into hospital shirts for her. In the hospital she would probably be most comfortable in a Boys XL (14-16 or equivalent girls size) or an Adult Small. Unfitted t-shirts would work best. I found a link that can show you one way to do it, but I can’t imagine there is a wrong way. We just need both arms to open at the top so we can easily slip it up over her shoulders, regardless of where her PICC and tubes are connected.

Hospital T-Shirt Tutorial

Thank you for your service, your prayers and your love! We love you!!

P.S. We thought with this request, many of you would be really excited to be able to do something to help, and we might end up with a whole lot more shirts than she needs. Don’t worry, we found a solution and promise they will be appreciated. Any that don’t fit right or she doesn’t need will be donated to the CICU or the Surgical Unit at Primary Children’s. T-shirts are always more comfortable than gowns, and easier is always better in the hospital. If you get excited about this project and want to make some specifically for donation, any size from 2T up would definitely be used, and the families would be so happy! Sarah would be excited to be able to give something back to our favorite hospital.

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