Rehab Graduation Day

rehabgraddayYesterday was Sarah’s very last session of Cardiac Rehab…. It was graduation day! She started Cardiac Rehab at the University of Utah shortly after her discharge from the hospital, and then continued when we got back home to Pocatello at the Heart Center at Portneuf. She was the youngest patient they’ve ever had here, and the only transplant in over 6 years. She was kind of a novelty, and the girls in charge at the gym (and other patients during her time slot) really enjoyed working with her. These ladies were so fun and supportive, and she almost always enjoyed going. (She loved the staff here better, but missed the huge windows in the gym at UofU that overlooked the Salt Lake valley. Kind of hard to beat that!) Overall, she has worked out at rehab for about 60 sessions, and has seen great results. By graduation, she worked up to a 4-machine workout that lasted about 70 minutes, plus cool-down and stretch. She has also gained 8 pounds, just since starting rehab in Pocatello at the beginning of August. Ya-hoo! Since she’s not swollen at all, we’re assuming that’s the lean muscle we were looking for. (I gotta get me some of that.) I’m so proud of her and how hard she’s worked. She is already making plans with a “workout buddy” and will continue working that beautiful, strong, perfect heart. “Just Dance” and neighborhood walks today…, marathons tomorrow. You go girl!


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