….Or is it being anti-social? I don’t know! Because I have to be healthy the whole time I am waiting for my heart, I have to avoid large groups of people. For example, I can’t go do things with friends anymore….unless it is at my house (or theirs where everyone is healthy) with one friend. But, they have to be perfectly healthy. It’s kind of a bummer because I have so many friends that like to go to lunch, or bowling, or to a movie together and they always invite me. Well, because of my “bubble state” I have to be in, I have to turn them down. I can go into public places, just as long as I don’t sit next to anyone, if I wear a mask, and if there is hardly any people there.mask Anyway, back to what this post was originally going to be about. Dating.

In November, my young adult singles ward had a silent auction activity to raise money for Primary Children’s for “Pennies by the Inch.”  Two of my friends were auctioning off a double date with them. I was one of the girls who won. : ) During my doc appointments on Thursday, one of the boys texted me to see when would be a good time to do it. I told him that pretty much any time was fine but I had to avoid lots of people so dinner, movies, pretty much anything public was out of the picture. So he told me that he would figure out all the details and then run it by me…just to make sure I was still in my “bubble.” The next day, he texted me back to tell me that the double date was a no-go but he would still love to take me out. After discussing it with my Dad, we finally came to the compromise that if we did the date here, I could go out with this guy still. So, I texted him back asking if it was a possibility to do it at my house. Being the fantastic guy he is, he was totally chill with coming here. : ) Since the plan was dinner and a movie, he brought dinner here and we went and got a movie from redbox. It was a fantastic night! I felt so special that he would want to go out with me bad enough that he didn’t mind coming into my bubble with me. : ) I am so glad that I have friends like him! : o)

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  1. wow sarah, I had no idea about any of this. I admire your strength so much, and how you are always smiling. Just reading about your posts really humbles me. Thank you for your amazing spirit! I hope to see you at church next time I come home 🙂

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