It is so great to be out of the hospital. The apartment is quiet and it’s good to be in control of her day. Well, unless she has clinic days, which are busy or appointments with behavioral health or cardiac rehab or… or… or…
Sarah had clinic yesterday and things are progressing well. Her chest x-ray looked clean and her echo was unchanged. She is still having valve leakage but it is not getting worse. We’re hoping that will just get better over time. Her blood imagelabs showed good electrolytes but her albumin is still dropping. It is down to 2.1, which is an indicator that her PLE is still active. We are hoping the PLE will go away in the next four or five months. She has her hearth cath scheduled for next Friday to take a biopsy. They will do albumin and IVIg infusions then as well. If her biopsy comes back looking great, then they may wait a whole month before the next one.
The docs took her off her oxygen during her appointment to see how her O2 levels would hold up. It dropped a bit so she will be attached to her air a little longer. However, they did give her the latitude to take it off during the day for a few minutes so she an take a break from it once in a while. They also took out the last five sutures. Four from her sternum and one from her drain tube sight. So now she has no tubes, stitches or stickers, just buckets of pills and oxygen. She really is so pleased with her progress and I still look at her in awe!
We did get a chance to visit with Zack and his mom and dad. He is doing well. After a rough first day with his new heart, yesterday was more relaxing and productive in his recovery. Sarah sat in a tall chair next to him, stroking his hair and talking to him. He just settled down and relaxed. His mom, Julie and dad, Shane, were on KSL last night taking about the importance of organ donation. They are strong people and did really well. The story had that emotional tug that would make someone think twice if they weren’t already a donor. You should watch it, especially if you haven’t made that life saving decision yet:

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