Playing Katsup…Oops, I mean Catch-up

I sort of told you all that I had to catchup on: multiple tune-ups and California. So first off I’d like to start with the tune-ups. I’m sure we have CIMG1024explained before but I will explain what my “tune-ups” are and why I have them. Because of my Protein Loosing Enteropathy, I don’t absorb proteins like I should. A side effect to PLE is tons and tons of swelling. Sometimes the swelling gets so bad it hurts to even wear jeans or shoes. So I have to go to Primary Children’s to get IV Albumin, or proteins, to bump my levels back up to “normal.” While I am there, I also get IV diuretics to get as much of the swelling off as we can. Lately the over night tune-ups turn into week long tune-ups. Mostly because I have a funny reaction to something they gave me boost other low levels, or because the other PLE symptoms (vomiting and diarrhea) decide to come out and play too.

California time!!!! : ) In an earlier post I said that my family and I were going to go on a family trip to California before I had to live in Salt Lake. We were never sure when would be a good time to go (the doctors wanted us to go before Halloween, while the original plan was to go right before Christmas), so one day we just decided to the first week of November. I think that was perfect timing. In Disneyland/California Adventure, Christmas was just getting put up. Mom and Dad had jammed something into every minute of the whole week! It was a great experience. I don’t think Dad knew the meaning of the word “no” that week…. There were so many great things…but most of them are little jokes and just little things that made the trip wonderful. So let me just give you the “big picture” of that week…

Saturday: We went to the airport and got on the plane. (It was all three of my brothers’ first time flying. They thought it was pretty neat how something that heavy can fly. Me? I just choose not to thing about it…) When we got there, we stopped in Oceanside and had milkshakes at Ruby’s Diner on the Pier. (Rachel and I went to Cali in March last year and stayed in Oceanside…It was fun to be there again.) Then we headed to the hotel in San Diego and hung out there the rest of the night.





Sunday: We stayed in San Diego and went to the Botanical Gardens, the Mormon Battalion Visitors Center, the San Diego Temple, the tide pools, and the beach for my brother’s birthday.





Monday: Sea World…all day!!






Tuesday: Hollywood and Universal Studios. (It’s a very intimidating city for someone who grew up in Pocatello, Idaho…)








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