Pay It Forward

SarahHeartBDay postWe hope you will join us in honoring Sarah’s donor’s family and “Pay it Forward for Sarah”. We had the opportunity to “Pay it Forward for Abby” last summer while staying in the Ronald McDonald House. It was exciting to develop our plan and so wonderful to do something nice for other people…just because someone else had done something incredibly unselfish and wonderful by giving life to our friend. Someone may leave an extra large tip for the waitress at their business lunch. Others may work as a family in their neighbor’s yard. Some of Abby’s friends paid for the car behind them in the drive-through. Maybe someone you know is lonely and needs a visit and a friend. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be grand, but it should from your heart. We thank you ahead of time for your service in our behalf. We are so excited to hear about what you do to “Pay it forward for Sarah”. Please comment and share your stories with us! If you’d like to leave a little card explaining your service or gift, please feel free to click on the one below, print it out, and pass it along. Maybe, somewhere, somehow, her anonymous donor’s family will have someone do something kind for them, and they’ll be able to feel loved during such a hard time in their lives. Thank you so much!

~ Julia

SarahHeartBDay card

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