New promises…

d9ecd75719d54f127180f51a76137f5eHappy Thursday everyo – I’m terribly sorry. It is in fact Thorsday, not Thursday. I apologize. 😛 Okay, so you all know that my mom is amazing, wonderful, and an overachiever. So knowing who she is, it’s obvious that she is the one that always updates the blog. But now that the whole transplant/recovery is pretty much over, there haven’t been daily updates on here. I was talking to Mom the other day and I decided that I need to make a more regular appearance. I was a little concerned about what I would blog about since usually there isn’t any real new news. She said that this blog is about my “second chance” at life. Not just the procedure, but the journey – including my personality, quirks (that may or may not be new), how I have grown and changed, and what I am doing with my life now. As I (personally) post on here, you will get to know me more and I hope that I am not so weird and crazy that you all run away scared. Ehehe. I want to post something on here at least once a week. At least, that’s the plan… Next time, I will kind of introduce myself…again. (I have already done it, but it was before my transplant and before I was comfortable with who I am and my personality.)

I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me and my over all ultimate awesome weirdness and nerdyness!

— Sarah

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