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willow-tree-angel-of-the-heartWell, I finally did it. I wrote a thank you letter to an angel’s family. It was a very teary process, but it’s done, and it’s as perfect as I could get it, and it’s ready to go out in the mail tomorrow. I must have started it at least a dozen times in the past 6 months. I felt really strongly on Sunday, though, that no matter what ended up on the paper, it had to be mailed as soon as possible. I don’t want Sarah’s donor’s family to feel like we don’t appreciate the gift she has been given. On the contrary, I believe our overwhelming gratitude is what made it so difficult to express what we truly felt. This gift was a miracle beyond words.

I feel relieved that it’s done, and now I’m anxious to see if we get a response. To keep it confidential, the letters are sent through the social workers of the donor family and recipient, with donor services in the middle. We may never hear from them–that’s completely their choice–but at least we have tried to express our gratitude and love for them and their unselfish gift. They will know the impact of Sarah’s new heart in her life, and the incredible person that was saved by someone they love. I hope it brings them peace, and that they can feel our love.


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  1. I have felt very similar feelings when writing with our children’s birth families. You are a beautiful writer and I am sure that your heartfelt letter will bless their lives. So glad to hear that Sarah is doing so well!

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