Labs, Clinics, and Appointments

Today was a crazy exhausting day of labs, clinics and appointments. On the calendar, it didn’t look too bad, but by the time we hit the end of our last appointment at 4:20, Sarah was so tired, she didn’t even feel like going to play with the House Band, let alone exercising at cardiac rehab. We began the day bright and early again with labs at 7:30 in the morning. After that, Sarah had an appointment for an echo, and cardiac clinic with the transplant team. Echo looked good. Labs looked good. Albumen is slowly creeping down, which indicates that we’re still dealing with some PLE, but that’s ok, because it kind of explains the diarrhea and nausea. We’re still expecting that to get better over time. She’s had that intestinal disease for 10 years, so it makes sense it wouldn’t get better overnight. Still hoping for soon, though. Her anti-rejection drug levels are good, so they’re backing off on the steroids already. (Yay!) Because her blood sugars are beginning to even out at lower numbers lately, they had to put her on diuretics again to keep her fluid balance level. (Apparently high sugars act as a diuretic… sure didn’t know that!) So with a few adjustments to her meds, 3 hours later we were sent on our way. We took a quick trip up to the 3rd floor because we had to go visit Zack like we had promised. Sarah missed her “boyfriend”, and we had to give Julie a hug too. About an hour and a half after coming home for lunch and a rest, we went to see the nurse practitioner at the Utah Diabetes Center for clinic. She did a history, exam, downloaded all the numbers from Sarah’s glucometer, and said it looked like things were going well. We have an appointment next week for diabetes teaching to help us learn more about carbohydrates and using the insulin to balance out her meals, rather than just giving corrective doses according to her levels. She was so tired by the time we got done that we took her back to the apartment and cancelled her cardiac rehab for today. I’m still not sure if that was the right call, but she was so tired and overwhelmed with the thought of having to work out even a little, I don’t think it would have been worth the stress. Besides, she walked in and out of almost every appointment today, so I’m pretty sure that has to count for something. She went to bed tonight very tired, and grateful to get to spend another night without any monitor beeps.


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  1. Sarah it’s 6:00 am 06/11/13 I was just notified that Zack will be getting his heart today. Tell your famliy thanks for all the prayers!

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