Just Doing What They Tell Us

I was on the phone yesterday with some nurses, techs and coordinators trying to get everything squared away for our trip tomorrow for Sarah’s MRI. She’s having it done at Huntsman’s Hospital because that’s the one that had the 1.5 tesla machine which she needs because of the metal coils and clamps in her chest. Anyway, I called Emily, one of our two nurses at Primary Children’s that works with the heart transplant team there (the really helpful ones) to ask about how to go about getting operative reports about placement of her shunts, coils and clamps. She told me she’d just take care of it, but that’s not what this post is about….

When I told her about the MRI, she told me their scheduler would be calling me soon to schedule the heart catheterization. Then as we were talking, I mentioned that the University liver doctors said she probably wasn’t sick enough for the liver transplant. She was surprised (they haven’t received reports yet), and said, “Oh, that’s good. Maybe she will do better with just the heart then.” …HUH??? I told her I was under the impression that if we didn’t do the liver, we wouldn’t do the heart yet, either. She said, “Well, this will certainly be interesting”. …Yep…. To say the least…. Not sure what to think now….

When I told Sarah, she said, “HUH?” I told her, “Yeah, I’m really confused now.” And she said, “I think I’ll stop trying to figure it out. We’ll just do what they tell us.”

Smart girl.

Hope she does, and wish I could….


5 thoughts on “Just Doing What They Tell Us

  1. Wow what a journey. You will be in our prayers. Sarah is an amazing woman and I am grateful to know her and have her a part of my kids life. Good luck

  2. Wow what a roller coaster ride you guys are on. I admire Sarah’s attitude about the whole thing. I’ll try to adopt her positive outlook and know someone else is figureing all this out. Thanks for the updates and I look forward hearing how it all goes!

  3. Dear Julie,Sarah, and family,
    I so appreciate the update on Sarah, and know that you are going through a lot. We will keep you all in our prayers and hope things will proceed in a positive way. We all admire Sarah’s awesome attitude!
    Much Love,
    Aunt Karen

  4. Wow what a journey Sarah and your family will be going on. I’m so glad your going to be keeping a blog so those of us who are so far away can keep track of how you guys are doing. Sarah is a remarkable women and always has such a great attitude. Know that we will keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers.

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