I’m free! No tubes, wires or bandages

What a wonderful morning! Sarah breezed right through her cardiac clinic today and we are pleased to report her albumin (protein) levels imageare 3.3. That is up from 2.9 from last Monday. It is rising on its own, which means her PLE seems to be settling down. When those PLE symptoms where first noticed when she was 10, we really thought she would not live because of the problems that come with it. But here we are! She is feeling really good. She walked out of the hospital last Thursday with no daytime oxygen to see how she would do. She still has it on when she feels tired and at night but this morning at clinic she was at 97%. My eyes leaked and she hugged me! Some times it’s hard to believe we’re even here! When I think about it my heart overflows. Thank you for everything and thank God for a second chance!

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  1. This is such wonderful news. As I have followed your story I am so amazed with what modern medicine and the prayers of so many can do. Keep improving and you will be home soon. Thank you for the wonderful example you are to all that you come in contact with. You are an amazing young daughter of God.

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