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biopsy71813Sarah was totally amazing today! The anesthesiologist suggested she try doing her biopsy without sedation today. He promised she wouldn’t feel anything and that if she got nervous, he could immediately give her something. He gave her a little cocktail to make her more relaxed while they numbed the site, but she was totally awake. Recovery was quick, she felt good, and all the anxiety she used to feel seems to have been replaced with courage to match. Here’s how she looked only 10 minutes into recovery. She’s a totally different girl than 6 months ago.

It was a very long, tiring day, with a ton of waiting in between, but the things we found out four and six hours later were worth every moment of waiting!

  • ALL of the pressures in her heart were about half as high as they used to be, and are quickly nearing normal levels.
  • Her BUN (the number that tells about her overall heart function) had been in the 800 range, and each biopsy it comes down by half. Today it was only 200ish, and so much closer to normal (around 100).
  • One of her DSAs (donor specific antibodies) is now undetectable. The others are unchanged, which is good because it means they haven’t gotten worse and she hasn’t created more. One gone also means the overall percentage is down.
  • Her biopsy is perfectly CLEAN!
  • Her beautiful, perfect angel heart is healthy and happy!

So… we are going HOME!!! I really can’t believe how the goodness just keeps coming. It’s amazing and we’re so grateful. We are so excited to be home together as a family again!! We’ll be back to Utah every two weeks for a while, but we’re so happy to move back home and just come for “visits”. Thanks Salt Lake, you’ve been very good to us. Adios. Arrivederci. Say┼Źnara. See ya later, alligator!


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