Guess what everyone! It’s the first day of college!! Hooray!! I am so excited! I moved away, met Amanda, made friends, went to church, went to student orientation, went to temple square, fell in love… Oh, it’s so wonderful!!

You’re probably thinking, “What is she talking about? Fell in love? Temple Square? What’s so exciting about church? What?” Don’t worry, I plan on expounding. 😉

  1. “Goodbye Pocatello!” I moved down to Salt Lake on Friday/Saturday. I was super nervous. This is the first time I’ve been away from home…without at least one of my parental units. I live in a hotel. Yes, just like Zach and Cody. Hehe. No, it’s dorm style housing inside of the hotel. The students don’t get any of the perks with the hotel. No workout room… No pool… BUUUTTT! We do have a laundry room, in the basement. It’s quite sketchy.
  2. “Ahhhh-Amanda!” I love my roommate!! She is just adorable. Her name is Amanda. She’s from Texas. She’s got the cutest accent. It’s just us two in our little room, so we’ve gotten to know each other quite well. Interesting fact — she’s allergic to cinnamon! This is her first semester too, so we’ve been lost, confused, and nervous together. 🙂
  3. Hi! My name is Sarah. What’s yours?”I love this school. It’s so diverse. I’ve met people from everywhere in the states, Brazil, Russia, Spain… So many different places. I actually managed to find someone from Pocatello!! Her name is Stephanie and she lives on my floor. 🙂 Um, let’s see, because there are so many different kinds of people here, there are crazy languages that are being spoken. It’s kinda weird to be walking down the hall and hear two people speaking Spanish while a couple more are speaking french a little ways away. Everyone is so kind and sweet here. I have met so many new people. Now, if only I could remember their names…
  4. “I’m a Mormon.” My new ward is HUGE! Okay, not “huge” but it’s quite big compared to my old ward. I love and miss my old ward so much, but I’m excited to move on and have a different environment. That’s one of the things I absolutely love about this gospel. No matter where you are in the world, it’s the same. The feelings are the same, the lessons and principles are the same. Heavenly Father’s love is the same. I just love it!
  5. “I’m New…” I swear, I said this like fifty-million times between the two day orientation. Every time I looked lost, someone would ask me what I was looking for. Luckily, Amanda was with me most of the time to look lost and confused too. Hehe. The new student orientation was, well, all of the students whose first semester at the school starts today. We did a lot of workshops, small group get-to-know-you activities, we had speakers, and food. It was great fun. It definitely helped me with all of my nerves and worry.
  6. “IT’S SNOWING, SARAH!!” On Tuesday, after we were done with orientation, Amanda and I went back to our apartment and did absolutely nothing. It was wonderful. After about twenty minutes of being home, I went into the bathroom and I hear, “Sarah!! It’s snowing!” Being from Texas, Amanda hasn’t ever seen snow. It’s so cute. 😉 We wanted to go walk in it, so we got all bundled up and headed outside. Because it’s literally across the street, we decided to walk around Temple Square in the snow. By the time we actually got across the street, the snow had turned to rain. Kinda disappointing, right? We bolted for the closest visitor’s center and warmed up. We had several wonderful conversations with different sets of sister missionaries. We stood my a heater under a window and stared up at the temple. Oh, it was sooo pretty!
  7. “We Found Love In A Hopeless Place…” Okay, so the BC is definitely NOT a hopeless place, but the lyrics fit with the topic. I said it and I will never stop: I LOVE IT HERE! This is such a wonderful place. I love the environment. I love the people. I love the professors. I love the Spirit. I just love everything about this place. I am happy. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father let me come here. I am so excited for the adventure ahead.

Thank you all for your love and support. Love you lots!!! <3 <3

3 thoughts on “FRIST DAY OF SCHOOL!

  1. Amazing to hear your adventures. I still remember that timid beehive and watching you blossom to this beautiful talented girl ready to take the world is awesome. College is amazing. Enjoy the ride.

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