Doing the Happy Dance

00a50f663379dc7cc7da3bd269be8e9bSarah had another biopsy today, the first one since med changes following her antibody-induced rejection showed up. She did really great, everything looked great at clinic, and we’ve been doing the happy dance all afternoon! Her biopsy results came back….SQUEAKY CLEAN!! No more rejection – of either kind! For the moment, there will be no changes to her treatment, and we don’t have to go back to transplant clinic for two months!! How’s that for enjoying this summer?! Feel free to join us in our happy dance….

A couple of weeks ago, we also went to the adult liver clinic at the University Hospital. She met with the nurse practitioner we worked with when they were evaluating for liver transplant almost two years ago. (Wow…can’t belive it’s been that long….) Anyway, she’s really nice, and we like her a lot. She asked what Sarah had been up to since she saw her last and she drawled, “Well…, I got a new heart…” Karen was so excited for her, and so happy to see how great she looked. It was kind of a fun reunion. She looked over her labs and history post-heart-transplant for a while, and then examined her. She said sometimes a major surgery like she had will cause problems with the liver, and with hers already sick, she expected to see some evidence of the trauma. However, there really weren’t any problems during her recovery with her liver, and no signs of stress on the liver, either. She told us that was a sign of a pretty resilient organ, to be able to bounce back after such a major surgery so well. It is her opinion that with her new heart, not only has the damage to her liver stopped, it is very likely that her liver will actually begin to heal. She said it might take a long time to see a change, but she gave us a lot of hope that things will actually look better in the years to come.

This is just so completely amazing. I’m so very grateful for the incredible people who are taking such good care of Sarah. I’m glad I just trusted them and didn’t worry about the rejection this time, like I did before. There was a lot more peace in my life, and my heart, just letting go and turning it over to Heavenly Father and the very capable angels in lab coats that take care of her. I really just don’t know how to contain my relief and happiness with another squeaky clean biopsy. How grateful I am that this rejection roller coaster has only been a six-month ride. A few of our transplant friends have fought it over and over, for such a long time…  I think I’ll just keep doing my happy dance, and spend some extra time on my knees tonight thanking Heavenly Father for blessing Sarah’s angel heart…and her life…yet again. Just another bump and a miracle… God is good!

~ Julia

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