Celebrating 5 Months

DSC_0612Only 5 months ago yesterday, Sarah was wheeled down the hall with her mommy’s arms around her and taken to the operating room where she would receive a new heart and begin her second chance at life. It’s so amazing, humbling, and miraculous to be a witness of the many miracles and blessings that have happened in her life since that incredibly unselfish gift was given in the midst of what we can only imagine was excruciating pain and loss. So, we celebrate her 5th month with that new, healthy heart with as much gratitude as we can muster in ours. We hope her donor family has found some peace, and that at least a little of that comes from knowing that their loss has prevented ours.

Sarah had a biopsy on her heart last Thursday. It came back PERFECT once again! She was a little nervous since she’d been sniffly, and there were different doctors doing the procedure, but she went in under conscious sedation again, and came out like a champ. All her pressures were the same or better, and there was absolutely no sign of rejection in the tissue sample. At her clinic visit, we learned that her Prograf level is a little low again, so we bumped the evening dose up to match the morning one. Because everything looked good in her biopsy and her echo, the doctor also cut her Prednesone (steroid) in half again. We’re hoping that she’ll respond well and in another few weeks we can discontinue that one (and at least one of the preventative ones) altogether! The cardiologist didn’t see any reason for us to come in again next week, so we’ve got a 3 week break (with the exception of a blood draw in Tremonton) from any appointments in Utah! Hooray! At her clinic visit the week before biopsy, the other change that was made is the beginning of transition to the adult transplant clinic. We knew this would happen eventually, but we just don’t want to grow up! 🙂 Sometime after 6 months, she’ll likely be transferred to Intermountain Medical Center (still within the IHC family) and be followed by the transplant team there. Our coordinator, Emily, went there just this month, so although we’re not excited for the change, we will be very happy to see and work with her again.

Life is good. …Better than good…. I still can’t believe it’s been five months. And I still can’t believe how perfectly matched her new angel heart was. Looking back now, I just feel so much gratitude. We are grateful to a loving Savior that walked the path with us through this journey and offered up His grace to give us strength sufficient to endure it triumphantly. We are grateful to our loving Heavenly Father for the innumerable tender mercies and blessings that were poured upon us daily. We are grateful for the many prayers and thoughts that were offered up to Heaven which helped strengthen and sustain us in our hardest times. We are grateful for the incredible purpose Sarah must have on this earth, and that we have the unexpected pleasure of watching it unfold. Lastly, we are grateful for the family who decided to save lives when they had to say goodbye to someone they love. For these things (and many more), we will be forever grateful.


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  1. What a miracle that 5 months post Transplant, Sarah has been home for many weeks and you are settling into the new normal! I know that they tell you to expect to live in Salt Lake for 6 months so this is yet another miracle to add to the list! Way to go Sarah and Co.!!

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