Brown Family Highlights: 2013

DSC_0232bwsmSarah had a heart transplant and now has a perfect Angel heart. We are so grateful for another’s unselfish decision that gave her a second chance at life. She is doing amazingly well and is happy and healthy.

Rachel spent two weeks in Iwamizawa, Japan as part of the Sister City Youth Delegation. She loves to travel and had the time of her life. She also spent a week at EFY in Provo last summer.

Bryson learned to swim. He used to hate the water, and now can swim the whole 100 yards required to pass his Boy Scout swim test.

Joshua is learning to play the drums. (Thankfully for us, though, he’s still using a nice, quiet practice pad.) His ever-present curiosity never ceases to amaze us.

Nathan was baptized last month. He loves being eight, and tries really hard to make good choices. He was also excited to be a cub scout.

Steve and Julia kept this great family as happy and sane as possible during our crazy year. We’re so grateful for the love of so many that supported us in so many ways through such a difficult time.

We have all grown and learned so much through all of our experiences this year. We are thankful for a loving Heavenly Father and merciful Savior whose tender mercies and loving grace gave us the strength to stretch and grow into the people we are now.

As we reflect on the past year, we just feel so much gratitude.

Love. Hope. Family. Faith. Joy.

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