Beach Time

Oh, goodness. I love my friends. On Monday we took a really spur of the moment trip to the Salt Lake. It was kind of an extension of the night before’s adventure actually… Let me start from the beginning.

Sunday night we all went to the girls’ apartment common room to just hang. It was Ashley, Gillian, Brad, Sam, Ben, and Warren. About 9ish, I excused myself from the fun so I could go video chat with Richard (I’ll blog about him later!!). I said goodnight and left. About 4:30 that morning I rolled over and woke up to a few missed calls and a rapid banging on my door. I tried to ignore the knocking but then it got louder. I grumpily got out of bed and answered the door. Gillian and Ashley were standing there laughing. “Can I crash on your couch…?” asked Ashley. “Sure,” I said. “Is everything okay?” After I was assured it was, I invited them in and went back to bed.

A few hours later, I woke up and left to go to school for lunch and homework…with Ashley still zonked out on the couch. After a bit of being by myself, Gillian showed up. I asked her what the heck happened the night before. I guess they all hung out for a while after I left, then Gillian took Brad and Ash home. After they dropped Brad off, the girls just went driving… They drove over to the Salt Lake. While they were there, they had seen a big cross in the distance and got really creeped out so they left. After that, they went over to Brad’s house and hung out with the boys until 4. Eventually they left…which brings us to when they showed up at my house wanting to sleep.

Brad joined us shortly after the story was over. He looked exhausted!!! They both did… The three of us decided to go back, during daylight, and check out the creepy cross and the lake. We called Ashley to let her know that we where heading back to the apartment to come get her. We ran, picked her up, and headed out.  We searched for the cross and could only find a little one by the side of the road. We were a little disappointed but thought it was hilarious.

We walked along the beach down to the water. It smelled like salt! Imagine that!? There were places that the salt had made the sand all crunchy and other places where there were big flat plates of salt. It was pretty cool. We made our way down to the water. I took my shoes off, rolled up my jeans, and jumped in! It wasn’t nearly as cold as I thought it was going to be. Eventually everyone followed suite. Soon we were all skipping rocks, sinking in the sand as the waves rolled in, running around, and giggling. We’re planning on going back soon. It was a fun afternoon that I wish had lasted longer. I am so glad my friends enjoy spontaneous adventures as much as I do.

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