…and the sun came up again

I’m sorry for the low quality picture but I didn’t want to disrupt Sarah’s concentration. She is focused on Julie as they work through another episode.
Julie and I slept for about 9 1/2 hours but woke up with massive headaches. We decided we needed some time together to talk and pray. It imagewas helpful. We got back to the hospital with renewed strength. We acknowledge your part in this renewal. Your thoughts and prayers have not gone unheard. We have felt them and received power when we had felt we had none. We love you and cannot adequately express our thanks for you.
We walked into ICU with hope and faith there would be improvement. We were not disappointed.
Sarah is not really back because she is still on all her meds until they figure out what is causing this but the new med to help control this psychotic break is helping.
As we came to her room, we were greeted with a huge smile and a big hello. She told us she knew who she was, who we were and exactly why she was in the hospital.
She doesn’t remember most of the last few days but has expressed how hugely scary it has been for her. She has had several episodes today. Julie hasn’t let go of her hand since we got here. She’ll get a panicked look on her face and we’ll make her look into our eyes and start to sing primary songs and make her sing the words with us. Through those she’ll stay focused and we work through them together.
It’s hard but she is much more calm. Julie is singing to her now and just told her it was okay to rest. With great relief, she closed her eyes and relaxed. It is so good to see.


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  1. We are excited to see the progress and power of primary songs. Music must be a real powerful tool for Sarah as she works through this. Our prayers are with you and the family.

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