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Hi! I’m Sarah. I studied and graduated with an Associates Degree in Interior Design at LDS Business College (now Ensign College). I married my best friend in April of 2018 and I’ve loved having him around. I am a really big bookworm. I couldn’t choose my favorite book, or top 5, even if my life depended on it! If I don’t have a book in my hands, I’ll most likely have headphones on. I really love music too. I listen to everything: Disney, country, jazz, show tunes, rap (only if it’s Hamilton or In the Heights), Pop, Hip-hop, etc. You name it. I don’t really have a favorite animal… It kind of bounces around. Penguins, turtles, ducks, monkeys. I also am a heart transplant recipient. I received my special angel heart on April 21, 2013. This blog tells my story and what’s going on in my life because someone said “Yes!” to organ donation!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am Scott Nelson’s mother and have kind of watched Sarah grow up. Love to watch her accomplishments and keep her in my prayers as she is facing her next “project” Love Cathy

  2. Good afternoon Sarah,

    Today I happened to have the radio on – Lorne Brooker Show, CJBQ, Tim Durkin and had the good fortune to listen to your amazing journey – one of courage and amazing faith.

    I simply can’t imagine the road to survival that brought you to where you are today. You are an amazing young woman and certainly an inspiration to all of us.

    I would be remiss not to mention the dedication, love and support given to you by parents.

    Tim was fortunate to meet and chat with you – one day I would like to do the same and arrange to have you speak locally.

    Wishing you peace and the opportunity to travel the world as you would like, safely and surrounded with family and good friends.


    Betty J. Burkitt

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