7 Weeks and 2 Firsts

Today marks 7 weeks since Sarah was in surgery receiving her new heart. At times it seems like it’s been forever, and today, I can’t believe it’s only been 7 weeks. She’s doing remarkably well. Our biggest problem today was that all the laughter kept making her sternum hurt. Gives a new meaning to the phrase, “laugh until you cry”. We felt so bad every time we made her laugh, but being girls and being walktogether, we just couldn’t help it. Hope that gets better soon. I love seeing her laugh, especially with her sister. She also had a couple of “firsts” today… She got to have her first outside walk, not at the hospital. We ventured a couple blocks east of the house and found out that the sidewalks here are a little shady… the trees were doing their job well, but there were so many bumps, cracks, cliffs and jumps that Sarah had quite a ride in her wheelchair. By her squealing and nervousness, you’d think we were on a ride at Lagoon. (She has to be careful to avoid the sun because some of her meds cause easy burning, and because she’s immuno-suppressed she is more susceptible to skin cancer.) We had fun outside together, but eventually the heat and wheelies got the best of us and we came back home. showerSarah also got to take a real shower for the first time… well, since January 17th, when she got her first PICC line. She was always worried about getting it wet, so she took baths until surgery and then with all the dressings and tubes and wires, she was reduced to sponge baths. She would have been in there forever if the hot water would have lasted that long. It seemed to be just another simple pleasure we all take for granted. We had another good day together today. Rachel shared some of the spiritual thoughts and experiences from EFY, we played a couple of games and watched a musical (you know, girl stuff). Except for all the fluid and calorie measuring, the glucose checks and insulin pokes, and the medicine distribution, it actually felt like I was on a little weekend vacation with my girls. I was thinking today about Memorial Day weekend and the scary state Sarah was in with all her drug reactions and psychosis issues. If someone had tried to tell me then that things would be like this in just two weeks, I never would have believed them. It’s simply miraculous.


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  1. Glad to see Sarah doing so well! We miss her on the third floor. Hopefully
    We can get Zack out of here and doing better soon! Mabey when that happens we can have a BBQ ! Keep up the good work Sarah.

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