Story time, guys!

Hi everyone! Life has been absolute craziness lately. I finished the semester with strong grades, great friends, and a very tired brain. School is hard but sooo worth it! I’ve already signed up for my next semester classes. I’m pretty excited for my classes. I’m finally done with all the basics so now I only have design classes! Hooray and bring on the stress!
I’ve also been really busy with my friends. We’re always doing something together! It’s been fun. I love them all so much. I’ve posted several of our adventures on my Instagram but I figured I should do a baby (okay…maybe not so baby) photo dump here. I know…photo dumps are your favoritest thing ever! Haha! As always, I’ll post pictures, the caption, and maybe a little background on what’s going on in the picture. Ready? Let’s go!!
JULY 23, 2017
Oh the joys of living in Downtown Salt Lake….
Heidi was driving us home this morning at 1ish but we had to drop off Eli. We pulled into the parking lot at the lodge (boys student housing) and saw a dead body. Ashley started freaking, Heidi and I both lost it to laughter, and Eli said to drop him off on the other end of the complex. We called Ben to take care of it…and Heidi turned the van around so we could take pictures of this event.Ben peaked out of his room and calmly took care of the situation. Then he walked over to the van and climbed in. We are still chatting away… Now it’s almost 2 in the morning.
Thanks. Mr. Hobo for the extra bonding time with friends. 😘❤

Edit: It wasn’t an actual dead body. He was just sleepy… Apparently the sidewalk at the lodge is a comfy place.
JULY 27, 2017

Last night I unintentionally crashed on Heidi’s couch…literally. I woke up about 2ish this morning, sat up, and started laughing. I really wanted Taco Bell!!! I looked around, still really groggy and noticed the lights were off. Heidi was in her bed and Ashley was asleep on the other side of the couch – both dead to the world. I layed back down on my “spot” of the couch and went back to sleep.

Flash toward to later today. “Guys, I want Taco Bell. I dreamed about it and now I have to go eat it.” We went to Walmart to replace our Oreos and Lemonade we ate a few days ago. (Brad bought them last weekend but we ate them and I promised I’d buy new ones.) So, after that adventure we went to Taco Bell! My dreams have been satisfied and my tummy is mad. Hooray for good friends!


AUGUST 29, 2017

“All you need is someone who joins in on your weirdness.” – Unknown. Adventures, shenanigans, and laughter never ends with these girls!

Sometime yesterday, Ashley dumped some laundry soap into the laundry basket. Heidi asked how we’re going to get it out. “We’re going to sift it through the holes in the side!” says Ash. So, there we were, sifting it back into the box! Dispite the mess on the floor, I’m honestly suprized how well it worked!

A few hours later, Ashley somehow manages to lock the bathroom door….from the outside! I really have to pee, so I’m in the corner doing a dance and laughing hysterically. Heidi grabs her cute little tool kit and takes the latching thing off of the door. “Meh, I’ll put it back together tomorrow.” Now we have a rule that if the door is shut, we cant go in because that means someone is in there. Haha!!

These girls mean the world to me! I seriously don’t know what I’d do without them. They make me laugh, forget my sorrows, and make me feel loved! Sure love you Hyds and Ash!

AUGUST 29, 2017 
Oh what a marvelous day. Brad’s home!!! He’s done with EFY for the summer. Man, I’ve missed him! Heidi and I surprised him at his apartment with “welcome home” signs – like a missionary. I couldn’t tell if he was embarrassed or flattered…. Maybe a bit of both.
Heidi and Angela have birthdays about a weekish apart so Brad and I planned a fun party for them. I made the cakes last night so when Brad got home, they’d be cool enough to frost. We worked on that, Angela made pizzas, and the other boys worked on decorations.Once again, I managed to swim in my street clothes. I had brought my swimming suit and had already been done with the water for the night. Obviously I was wrong because about 10 minutes before it closed, Brad (who had claimed to be done swimming too), Heidi, and I all jumped in. It was cold and I didn’t want to face the air outside of the pool. Totally worth it though.
There were lots of laughs, meaningful talks, friendships strengthened, and memories made. I say this a lot, but I am so grateful for my friends. If be so lost without them!!

JULY 30, 2017
This one is pretty easy to explain. We came home from church and all kind of just piled onto Heidi’s couch doing our own things. Super simple but so memorable.
I just love the fact that Heidi is under everything and just cheesing it up while Ben, Brad, and I are totally ignoring the world. Haha.
AUGUST 3, 2017

Tonight’s adventures gave me lots of fun memories!
Brad got me an EFY shirt and we accidentally twinned today, so that was fun. Then I helped him sign up for classes and job search. He asked me to help him with his resume and cover letter tomorrow! (Well, technically, I volunteered myself…) I feel super smart, guys!!

Eli came to join us and we watched a move. As usual, I fell asleep. I woke up and we all started talking. It was past curfew for me to be at the boys apartment, so we headed back to my house to take me home. We got there and realized that we didn’t want to call it yet so we waited for Ashley to come downstairs so we could go wash Brad’s car…at 1 in the morning.
After we did that, the four of us (Brad, me, Ashley, and Eli) dropped off the car and walked to temple square. We sat down and talked about life. It’s. So nice to be able to have deep, spiritual conversations with my friends in a regular basis. Ben and Jacob met us over at the reflecting pool after a little bit.

We stood there all talking about different things for a while longer before someone mentioned being hungry. That comment set everyone off. We didn’t realize how hungry we all were. We walked back to the lodge. After a long, indecisive discussion we all piled into Jacob’s car and headed to Denny’s!!! Milkshakes, smoothies, burgers, and nachos… Yummy!!

Now it’s 5. I’m in bed, slowly crashing from my nap and sugar high. I’m so glad I have friends that love me!!

AUGUST 4, 2017
We often all go on errands together. We call it “going on an adventure.” It makes things sound a lot cooler than they really are. Haha. This picture was taken at Walmart. Right when you walk in, there’s this little kiddie ride. We walked past it and Ben yelled that we needed a picture. Brad climbed in and I took some really silly pictures. This one was everyone’s favorite.
AUGUST 5, 2017
We planned to go hike Ensign Peak probably right after I had met these friends…so since the end of June. Brad was always busy with EFY so it had to wait until after the summer was over. Only three of us showed up, but it was super fun! I got to know Tyler a little better, hang out with the boys, enjoy the sunshine, and hang out with my friends. It was my first time EVER to make it all the way to the top!! I’ve gone and tried so many times. I usually make it about half way before I have to call it quits. Hooray for healthy hearts and great friends!!




AUGUST 8, 2017

This has been my view today. I love being with these boys…even if that means I’m stuck doing homework while they’re playing games. I have decided that I’d rather be with them doing nothing instead of doing something fun all alone.

(Explanation time! These boys are wonderful. I love them so much. Brad had called me and invited me to come over and hang out with him and Ben. I really didn’t have time. I explained to him how much homework I to do – projects, papers, assignments… You know, normal things that stress me out because the semester was ending. He laughed and told me to take a deep breath. I obeyed, not really feeling any better. He told me that I should gather all of everything I needed to get it all done and come over. I spent the day…and the next day stressing about everything with friends. It was really nice to have them there to talk me down when I started getting too overwhelmed.)


AUGUST 12, 2017

Meet Tina the alpaca. She is Ben’s new best friend. Last night, he commandeered my phone and downloaded the most random game. It’s basically Pokemon but with alpacas!! It’s the dumbest thing ever. 

Today we all had breakfast before adult responsibilities had to get done. I turn around and there’s Ben just sitting there playing this game!! “Ben…why don’t you just download it on your phone?” “It’s on your phone so I’m not on it all the time. It’ll only be when you’re around!” Thanks friend…







AUGUST 15, 2017

It’s so great that I have a picture with all three of us… I love all my friends so much but there’s something different with my friendship with Ashley and my friendship with Brad. There’s almost a codependency thing happening with these guys.

I was talking to Ashley the other day about it. Like, with our friendship we physically can’t go a whole day without at least talking to each other!! She was gone last weekend and we were literally texting each other THE WHOLE 36 hours she was gone. It’s like we can’t even function without the other person around. As for Brad… He’s become my “adventure” buddy. When I’m with him, everything turns into something fun, no matter how boring the job is. He comes with me for blood draws, I go with him for chiropractor appointments, we go grocery shopping, watch movies, play games, do homework, get slushies, go to the bookstore, or just sit there doing nothing. We are ALWAYS together and it’s ALWAYS an adventure!

It’s crazy how attached to these people I am. Yeah, I have other friends I enjoy spending my time with but if Ashley or Brad or BOTH aren’t around, I feel lost. That’s not very healthy, is it?

Anyway, look at the dates on the screenshot of these texts. These are the “hey, here’s my number” text you always feel obligated to send when you meet new people. I’m surprised that I haven’t had to delete them given how much I text Brad and Ashley!! Guess I have more storage on my phone than I thought. Haha.

The people in these pictures are my favorite people in the world!! They have become my family. I really don’t know what I’d without their love, support, and influences in my life. I have been truly blessed. ❤ 


Peace and Obedience

I love that I have the opportunity each week to take the sacrament and receive those blessings. I love the Gospel. I love knowing who I am. I love Fast Sundays. I feel so close to the Lord while I’m fasting. There are wards that when the bishop turns the time over for testimonies, you might have people get up to speak but then have fifteen minutes of dead air between each one. In my ward, it’s not a concern as to if there’ll be people who will get up. No, it’s a matter of how long past the cut off time do we go? Will we have to cut anyone off? It’s so great! I know I’ve said this many times before and I’ll never stop saying it but I LOVE MY WARD!!

Today I was again witness to God’s love among His children. As soon as Bishop Morgan turned the time over to us, there was maybe ten seconds (which is a long time in my ward) before people stood up and walked to the pulpit. I listened to friends poor out their love for Heavenly Father, faith, following the spirit, patience, etc. Halfway though a testimony, I was prompted to go up. I didn’t know what I was going to talk about but I walked up there. I patiently waited my turn and tried really hard not to cry during other personal stories of strength.

After a little while, it was my turn. I stood up, took a deep breath, and just let the words flow. It’s incredible what you can teach when you’re relying on the Holy Ghost. I said something like this, “Trials can be tough. It’s okay though. I had something really hard recently popped up in my life. It hasn’t affected me the way I thought it should. Emotionally, I’m doing pretty good. I was talking to my mom the other day about what was happening. She had asked me how I was dealing. I kind of laughed and said, ‘You know, I think there’s something wrong with me. I should be having a mental breakdown. I should be loosing it. Any normal person would loose it but I’m fine! What’s wrong with me?’ She was quite for a moment before responding in a way only a mother could respond, ‘Sarah, there’s nothing wrong with you. Think about it. What are you doing?’ ‘Well, I’m going to school, studying hard, being with fri…’ ‘That’s not what I mean. What are you doing, spiritually?’ Obviously I gave the normal seminary answers like saying my prayers, taking the sacraments, going to church, reading/studying my scriptures and patriarchal blessing… ‘Exactly. You’re obeying the commandments. Your life is aligned with Heavenly Father’s path for you. You are close to the spirit. Why wouldn’t He bless you with peace?’ That really hit me. I had always known that there was a correlation between obedience and having the spirit but I guess I didn’t fully understand it. I know that when we do the things Heavenly Father has asked of us, He will bless us. Sometimes, it’s in ways you wouldn’t expect, but He will bless us. For example, I’ve been praying for this particular trail to go away. Heavenly Father has different ideas but because I’m living righteously, instead of being taken away, I have been blessed with peace.”  

Google says peace is  “freedom from disturbance, quiet and tranquility.” I definitely feel free from disturbance. My normally over anxious brain should be going a million miles an hour in every direction but I’m not feeling that way at all. As I was walking home from church today, a scripture reference came into my mind. I didn’t know it by heart so I had to look it up but it fit perfectly!! Doctrine and Covenants 59:23 says, “…he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his reward, even peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come.” I know that to be true. Our lives can get hectic, turned upside down, and absolutely mad but it doesn’t matter. We just need to remember to do the things He has asked, and we will be blessed. There’s blessings all around us..all we have to do is look! In this particular time in my life, my blessing for being righteous is peace.

Scary words.

There are lots of scary words in this world: death, divorce, unemployed, miscarriage, infertility, chronic, sick, rejection… The list goes on and on. I heard a few scary words yesterday that applied to me: Biopsy. Carcinoma. Procedure. I guess I should back up to the beginning of the story. *There are pictures in this post that aren’t the most appealing to the eyes. You have been warned!*

A few weeks ago, a weird rash broke out on my face. Because life is stressful, I kinda just blamed it on stress. One night, it got itchy and I scratched it in my sleep. I woke up and it was about 10x worse. I didn’t really think much of it. I was planning on giving it about a week before I called my doctor – just in case it was actually just stress related. Almost a week went by and it was actually spreading. I had new spots on my face and down my neck. I couldn’t put make up on to cover it up without making it look worse. I was really self-conscious about it. I didn’t want to go anywhere because I looked the way I did. It was rough.

I had spent the weekend with my mom (I’ll do a separate post about that trip) and she was asking what my plans were for my face. I told her Wednesday would be a week and then I was going to call my dermatologist. We took pictures to send to my uncle who’s a doctor. He “diagnosed” me through the pictures but suggested that I actually go in and get it checked.

I called the next day (Monday) to set up an appointment. The next day, I went in. The nurse looked at my face, sent in the med student who looked, then in came the doctor. We discussed what was happening and then he left the room for a few minutes. When he came back, I just started laughing. I knew exactly what he was going to say. He kinda smiled at my spontaneous laughter before he said, “I have no clue! There are spots that look like impetigo it’s too isolated to be that. You have no other symptoms so it’s not staff or anything. It’s all really weird.” I just laughed some more and replied, “Story of my life. Either I don’t do things easy or no one has any idea what’s wrong!” We joked about that for a second before he asked me if I’d be willing to let him take a biopsy of one of the spots for future reference if anyone comes in with this again. Obviously, I said yes. I love helping progress the medical world. Haha! He did that and told me his office would call me when the results came back. He also gave me a cream to put on the sores to help heal them right up.

Two days after using the cream, it looked sooo much better. The doctor had told me that I could continue with my regular routine…so that meant makeup again!! Yay! I hadn’t worn make up for about four days to help not irritate it more.

Here’s pictures a week and a half after that (this morning to be specific).  I did have a little foundation on but not much.

So, yesterday I got the call I had been waiting for….and to be honest, kind of had forgotten about. Being a transplant recipient means being on lots of inmunosupresant meds for the rest of my life. I’m on them so my body doesn’t reject my heart. Further out you are from transplant, the less you worry about rejection and more about cancer. The biopsy from a few weeks ago came back with traces of carcinoma. Carcinoma is skin cancer. Although I’m overly cautious with sunscreen, I’m still at risk because my immune system is not really there. It’s sounds really easy to treat though. I’ve got an appointment later this month to do an ED&C. It’s a 20ish minute procedure that he’ll do in the clinic. I’ll keep you all updated on how things go!

I woke this morning with the prompting to ask Brad for a blessing. He immediately responded with eagerness. While I waited, I read my patriarchal blessing and said a prayer. I’m scared… Cancer is a scary word. I’m okay though. I’ve got a great support from family and my friends are amazing too. I miss my family and would love to be with them but all my friends have become my family.  I’m okay with being in Utah during all of this because of them. Heavenly Father loves me and has a plan. I’ve made it through all my heart stuff, a broken heart, moving away and going to school (twice)… I can make it through this too!