Adventures with the Squad

Guys!! I have a squad!! Yay! Go me!! Haha!! We do so much together…at least we try. I’m so glad that I get to call you my friends, guys! College and work is crazy but you help me stay sane…… ;).

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this one before but this is the only picture I have with everyone.

Lewis has been gone this summer so it’s been weird without him but it’s still fun. (Lewis is doing summer sales with his friend. He’s been traveling to Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado… I sure miss him.)

Let’s see… We all went to see Captain America: Civil War a few weeks ago and out for Panda Express. #TeamCap!



For my birthday, we all got together and celebrated. Aleks and Olivia made me a cake. We ate lots of cake, watched Tangled, (my favorite Disney movie!), and Olivia cut my hair! Oh and we Skyped with Adrian and Aleks’ parents!





Last week we decided that we needed to go on a picnic. After church yesterday we all met up at the guys’ apartment. We made sandwiches, watched Studio C sketches on YouTube, made cookies, and ate the sandwiches while waiting for the cookies. We drove to Sugar City Park. So pretty!! We ate, laughed, fed the seagulls, played on the swings, rolled down the hills, and learned Spanish. (That last one was mostly Olivia and I. We were trying to say leaves and accidentally said love handles instead. So now my favorite thing to say is “Yo amo tus lonjas!!” Hahaha!)



We’re a group made up entirely of couples… It’s weird when one of us is gone. The lonely one immediately turn into a fifth wheel




So much stuff!

Holy cow! There has been so much happening since I blog last! Let’s start from the last post.

April 21, 2016

Okay, so three years ago on this day, I was able to receive an angel heart and get a second chance at life! I can’t believe it’s been three years already. It’s so crazy. I was able to go home the weekend before my heart-aversary. That same weekend was the same as Mom’s birthday. We just squished them together and that was so great!

As tradition, we released pretty bright red balloons.







I had to go back to Utah for school that week, so on my actual heart-aversary I was with my friends. We went to the store and bought the same kind of bright red balloons. We also picked up some little toys to drop off at the hospital for a group “pay it forward.” We all piled into Lewis’s car and drove up to Primary Children’s. What a fun place to pay tribute, huh? 😉






April 28 – May 6

This week was a fun one! Lewis’s family invited me to come with them on their cruise to the Bahamas! Oh.My.Gosh. It was so much fun. We all got sunburnded, ate so much yummy food, laughed until we cried, made lots of new friends, and created so many great memories! I was so grateful that the Bowen’s let me be part of their family for the week. (More pictures to come… I’ll give more stories and details in a later post.)










May 5

Okay, this was the day that we got off the boat but this was by far my favorite day of the trip. We left the boat early that morning so we had several hours to kill before we could go to our hotel. The whole family piled into the car, went to the movies and had the whole theater to ourselves, and then went to dinner. After dinner, we walked over to a really pretty fountian across the parkinglont of the resturant. We took pictures and when we were finished, we just kinda stood there staring at each other. A few seconds of awkward silence, Lewis took my hand to lead me away from everyone else. He thanked me for coming with him on the trip. He told me he loved me. He told me he was grateful to have me in his life. On the word “grateful” he dropped onto one knee and pulled out a ring box. He told me that I had stolen his heart and then asked me if I would keep it forever. Obviously, because I’m head over heels in love with this man, I said yes!! <3 It was so cute! He stumbled over the words in his proposal, I cried, his whole family cheered. His dad called me an idiot for saying yes and his youngest brother shouted “I’m gonna be an uncle!!” Of course, we all freaked out and laughed. Cinco De Mayo is never going to be just Mexican Independance or my brother’s birthday anymore! I’m so glad that my true love wants me to be his for ever!!