Keep Calm and CAREY On

Wow! I started this post forever ago and never posted it! Sorry…

In April, Andy Grammer came and did a concert at ISU. It was wonderful. The guy that opened for him was someone that I had never heard of. That’s typical, right? His name was Todd Carey. I absolutely LOVE him and his songs! They are super happy and so much fun. My favorites are Nintendo and Float Away

 Is it bad that I enjoyed Todd’s act more than Andy’s?

In August, Todd was on his own tour and wanted to come back to Pocatello. I was super excited and listed to his songs pretty much non stop for quite a while before and after he came. It was so much fun to see him again. Daminica and I got there pretty early, so we were waiting out in the hall. He was walking toward us to get to the ballroom, smiled, and then saw the shirts we were wearing. He got super happy. I would love to say that he remembered meeting us from his first concert, but I would be lying… He asked us if he could have a picture.  How could we say no?! (Me and Daminica were talking the other day and we realized that neither one of us have seen this picture on Facebook or his website yet. So, just in case you were wondering, yes, there is a random picture of me on Todd Carey’s phone.)  During intermission, we got a picture with him and he stayed and talked for a while with us. We were so into the conversation we were having, he lost track of time and was late for his own second part. Tee hee. After the concert, we went on stage and talked with him some more while he put his stuff away.

April 15
Me, Angie, Todd, and Daminica-  April 15
Angie, Todd, Me, and Daminica – August 22


I just had a really sad thought…..this is probably the closest I will ever get to talking with someone famous. (I have met Kirby Heyborne and Paul Cardall, too. So I guess I’m not a totally looser. Hehe. Just kidding!)